empty yourself & let the universe fill you.

Stressing :-) bc :-) I :-) need :-) to :-) find :-) an :-) internship :-) and :-) interacting :-) with :-) people :-) terrifies :-) the :-) heck :-) out :-) of :-) me :-)))))))))))))

Still get teary eyed when I see a text box quoting or a gif of Emma Watson’s gender equality speech it was sO good she is sO good I am sO proud I agree with her views a lot and she expressed them better than I ever could. Women are not the only ones trapped by gender stereotypes!!!!!!!!

It terrified me how fickle human emotions, loyalties, thoughts, and opinions can be. If important factors like those chance so constantly, how do we ever have a clear picture of reality? How do we assess the past objectively and learn from it, and how to we make realistic goals for the future??? It’s scary as heck I feel a little outta breath

Do you think I can gain like 10 pounds in the next week or so?? Bc I really want to donate blood but also reallyyyyy don’t wanna die “”“lol”“”“

Such good jams in ap art today :’))))

(((Nah my class isn’t actually that way I’m totally just walking in the same direction as you so I can keep talking to you bc I like your smile and voice a lot and miss talking to u))))

Lol at when some gross guy from the board of education comes to supervise the curriculum and pops into my Global Challenge FDU class and pretends to understand the importance of media literacy and being aware of the public issues/ social systems that affect your personal life, when it was clearly way over his head,
And then comes into AP Art and pretends to care about art when…clearly…that is not the case

????? Pls leave

I had sUCH a horrific dream last night where my family and I were living in some weird alternate reality where we were…. Captives of some magical force I think???? But at the same time my dad was free to leave to run errands or something? And my mom was desperate to escape and we were about to when this like evil creature statutes attacking us and basically he killed my mom and it was so violent and scary and cruel and awful and terrifying and the amount of sheer terror I felt was just insane and as this creature was committing violence against my mom it was like I was linked in the sense that I was committing violence against the room? Like I was just blindly smashing stuff and breaking things and knocking furniture over and eventually when the whole room was trashed I was crumpled up on the floor and my dad came back from running errands and the last thing that I felt before I woke up was fear about how my dad would cope with what had happened and idk it was so scary there was so much terror and so much smoke and so much darkness it was so weird

I’m not wearing my contacts rn bc one of my eyes is like rly red, and I don’t wanna wear my glasses bc I look soooo silly but I’m sO bLIND AND I LITERALLY CANNOT SEE ANYTHINg it’s so rough I can’t see anything at all

((((Note to fellow tech students: if I walk right past you without acknowledging you today I don’t hate you I just can’t see you!!!!!!!!))))

I Wanna Sleep For The Next 30 Trillion Years: a symphony by me

Ms Muller is srsly venting to me about how she got a birthday card for another teacher and wanted the whole physics department to sign it and then they never did and when she gave the person the card without them signing it they got mad at her for not bringing them the card when she had been telling them to come to her room to sign it the whole tIME omg shes so cute I relate to this so much and I love her a lot

I was raped in April, and for the first few months, I didn't really suffer mentally or emotionally from it - I kept wondering what was wrong with me, why I wasn't having more of a negative reaction. Why I felt so relatively okay. Lately however, I've started getting panic attacks and nightmares and flashbacks, and generally being unable to cope with the anxiety of having people close to me. Is it normal to only start having a mental/emotion reaction months after the actual trauma took place?


Plenty of survivors have reactions later on. Plenty of people also think they were doing fine but tended to not…. actually be fine. They were numbing out or they were self medicating or various other behaviors and then when those behaviors stopped- everything catches up with them anyway.

Plenty of people numb out after the trauma. They aren’t ready to deal with it- so they don’t. But trauma does demand to be dealt with eventually.

There are also survivors who find they don’t have a reaction till years down the line.

and all of that is perfectly okay. there are tons of ways that people cope with sexual trauma, and there’s nothing wrong with you for it not having ‘hit’ immediately.

Emma Watson UN speech - Emma Watson talks United Nations


nothing says hope quite like flowers growing through the cracks in concrete

Josh always says he hates BO$$ but today in the city he kept singing the opening lines while we walked down the street… I’m on to u…don’t pretend u don’t love it I know u do